Welcome to the American Girl World site survey. Please answer honestly, and enjoy.
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First of all, who is taking this survey?

Do you follow American Girl World with either Wordpress or Email?
If you want to follow, please visit https://pheonixamericangirlworld.wordpress.com!

Your opinions on our site design? If you need a refresher, please click: https://pheonixamericangirlworld.wordpress.com

Opinions on our posts? PLEASE be honest. It won't hurt my feelings.

How often do you visit American Girl World?

How do you think we could improve?

Opinions on our photography?

Just for fun, who is your favorite doll? (It is not multiple choice as by the time you are taking this survey I might have other dolls)

Congratulations!!! You completed the American Girl World site survey! 
Did you enjoy your experience?

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